Dr Khan’s KCK mission is independent of his work with the National Health Service (NHS) UK.

Introducing a groundbreaking literary masterpiece that will revolutionize the way we approach cancer prevention and treatment. The “FIRST COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO PREVENTING AND KILLING CANCER” Unveiling the secrets of the human body, this groundbreaking masterpiece pioneers a new era of cancer literacy. Delve into the depths of cancer’s enigmatic nature: its origins, risk factors, and growth dynamics. Discover the power to safeguard your well-being through proven preventive measures. Navigate the labyrinth of available treatments, from conventional therapies to innovative breakthroughs, while uncovering the potential of simple lifestyle modifications to optimize healing. Brace yourself for a paradigm shift—a beacon of hope lighting the path toward a cancer-free future.

Are you ready to unveil the healing path? Your journey starts here.


Whether you’re looking for information on how to prevent cancer or to live with it following a diagnosis, the internet is awash for hints, tips and advice. The problem is trying to wade through this sea of data, statistics and advice to find the most credible sources and best advice.

Here, we do that for you. Dr. Khan is an experienced oncologist currently working at Queen’s Oncology and Hematology Centre in East Yorkshire, UK a tertiary care cancer center.

Killing Cancer Kindly is the result of years of painstakingly analyzing the available web content and combining it with Dr Khan’s extensive oncological experience to create a comprehensive and pragmatic list of ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ for anyone affected by cancer.


Dr Mohammad Muneeb Khan – M.B.B.S, M.R.C.P (London), MSc Clinical Oncology (Birmingham University), F.R.C.R (London) – is a Clinical Oncologist working in NHS England with 25 years of clinical experience in the field of General Medicine and Oncology. He has also been a Principal Investigator for multiple national and international Cancer Research Trials. Dr Khan has also taught in a medical school and is currently involved in the teaching and mentoring of junior doctors and medical staff. His passion in life is preventing and curing cancer, a mission that he has been committed to since the age of 15. He is the founder of UK based international cancer awareness and education charity Killing Cancer Kindly.


  • Understanding what cancer really is
  • Discovering how our bodies are constantly killing potentially cancer-causing cells in a daily fight against the disease.
  • Ways to delay the onset of cancer even when it is inevitable
  • Simple daily tasks that can help create a safe living environment around us and help prevent the onset of common cancers.
  • Understanding and mitigating the effects of alcohol and tobacco in relation to cancer.
  • How sex effects the risk of cancer
  • Understanding the relationship between cancer and drugs
  • Learning how to avoid outlandish cancer treatments that simply don’t work
  • How sugar can effect cancer
  • The unexpected benefits of certain foods and drinks, including chillies and coffee
  • Understanding how diets can effect cancer
  • When cancer screening is worthwhile
  • Ways to help make cancer more responsive to treatment
  • The future fight against the disease – including the authors thoughts and theories and details of some ground-breaking methods of tackling cancer that will soon be available to patients


Dr Khan’s research and findings are detailed in an upcoming book that provides a holistic approach to beating cancer that looks at every aspect of our lifestyle and provides advice on how to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Killing Cancer Kindly is part of the author’s life-long mission to raise awareness of cancer prevention and cures. Written by a cancer specialist, it reflects on 25+ years of clinical evidence discussions with fellow professionals, patients, survivors and family member to get to the very heart of how cancer can be beaten and how those living with cancer can do so while still getting the most they can out of life


Dr.Muneeb Book REVIEWS

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Here are just a few snippets from these esteemed sources:

“Everyone fears the Big C, but this powerful and comprehensive guide provides an easy-to-understand A to Z of preventing and treating cancer – an essential read for everyone.”

Richard Moriarty, The Sun

“Statistically, one in two people will develop cancer during their lifetime but as crusading cancer specialist Dr Khan explains, there are many simple things we can do to minimise the risk of developing the disease. Cancer prevention begins with reading this book.”

Chris Riches, Daily Express

“Who could have imagined that learning about preventing and beating cancer could be so entertaining. The human body automatically fights cancer every single day, and by reading You’ll Wish You Were an Elephant the mind can join the battle and together turn the tide on the disease.”


“No book has gone further in helping reframe cancer as a more preventable, treatable, and curable disease. You’ll Wish You Were an Elephant deserves a prized spot on every bookshelf. It’s the one reference that is essential reading for all.”

The European

“The definitive A-Z handbook of cancer prevention. By following Dr Khan’s expert guidance, you will transform your body into the ultimate cancer-killing machine.”

The London Economic

“What kills cancer helps us stay younger and live longer. A lifetime of effective cancer prevention begins by reading this book.”

Female First

“A book like this comes for review once in a lifetime. With incidence of cancer on the rise all over the world, and the prohibitive cost of its treatment, prevention is the answer. Well-referenced and researched, this book will be the authoritative guide for prevention of cancer. Easy to understand with simple measure and recommendation that anyone can adopt. This is a must-read for medical professionals and non-professionals alike. A library without this book is incomplete on the subject of health, especially cancer.”

Dr Shahid Idris Mufti MD, USA

“The first anti-cancer guidebook.”

Liverpool Echo


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